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Track patient's progress to reduce hospital readmissions
and decrease operating cost by monitoring every task performed by the service provider

Chronic Care management, mHealthAlert app

Call center

New Business model for Call Centers

Call Centers will collect health data (e.g., weight, blood pressure, glucose, oximetry), transmitted by the monitored patient and/or caregiver to the Call Center qualified agents, which will follow the established protocol set by their Physicians.

Agents will provide the service and if needed, notifications will be delivered to their physicians or healthcare professionals for proper care.

Reduce cost for Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance Companies

  • Reduce hospital readmissions.

  • Increasing accountability for population health and quality outcomes.

  • Monitor every task performed by the service provider
    to decrease operating cost.

  • Use artificial Intelligence to obtain real time business intelligence information.

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mHealthAlert provides an app to control children, adults and senior’s glucose levels with profiles for caregivers and healthcare professionals.

The patient's app provides an automatically generated 7 day balanced Meal Plan with dishes especially for people with diabetes.

Healthcare Professionals could be supported by qualified Diabetes educators in a Call Center to monitor real time patient medical alerts and notify their physicians if needed, according to an established protocol.

Diabetes mHealthAlert


See case study In which all technological support was provided by Cystelcom Sistemas S.A. (Madrid, Spain).

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

mHealthAlert provides monitoring services for patients at home to improve their quality of life and reduce hospital readmissions.

We collect, analyze and consolidate biometric data from multiple telemedicine devices assigned to each patient, and deliver alerts and notifications to physicians or professional caregivers’ mobile devices or PCs for immediate and responsive care. This improves patient engagement and therapy adherence.

Chronic care Management video mhealthAlert

Medical and communication devices

  • icon pulsioximeter
    Pulse Oximeter.
  • icon spirometer
  • icon blood pressure
    Blood Pressure Monitor.
  • icon weight scale
    Weight Scale.
  • icon qualcomm 2net
    Qualcomm 2Net.

Benefits - Case study Hospital Torrejón

  • Patient engagement 78% first day to 95% first week, later maintained during the length of the program. Average patient´s age 78 years old.
  • Proven 69% reduction in hospital readmissions.
  • Proven 50% reduction in emergency entries.
  • High-risk health situations can be identified and preventive care programs recommended.
  • Improved patients and families quality of life.
Benefits mHealthAlert


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Congestive Heart Failure

mHealthAlert is an eHealth Artificial Intelligence platform that enables Cardiologists to provide remote monitoring services to chronic patients and take care of critical situation in real time.

Cardiologists will be supported by qualified Nurses in a Call Center to monitor real time patient medical alerts, and according to an established protocol, notify them if needed.