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mHealthAlert is an eHealth Artificial Intelligence platform that enables Cardiologists to provide remote monitoring services to chronic patients and take care of critical situation in real time.

Cardiologists will be supported by qualified Nurses in a Call Center to monitor real time patient medical alerts, and according to an established protocol, notify them if needed.

Always Connected - Continuous Monitoring
  • Cardiologists or other qualified professionals (Nurses, Healthcare Professionals), will register patients in the monitoring program.
  • In between visits to their Cardiologist, Patients will take scheduled biometric measurements daily to collect health data (e.g., weight, blood pressure, glucose, oximetry), that will be transmitted to Cardiologists or other qualified professionals.
  • When the collected data is outside the configured thresholds by their Cardiologist, qualified Nurses in a Call Center will follow an established protocol to take care of the patient.
  • Cardiologist will have access anytime to patient's health records.
Improve patient’s quality of life
  • Reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Feeling of security by being monitored all the time.
  • Prevent high risk situation.
  • Reminders for medication adherence to treatment.
Adherence to treatment
  • Set reminders to medication and confirmation intake.
  • Motivational message rewarding individuals for compliance.
  • Telephonic outreach designed to engage individuals in health self-management.
  • Blood pressure, glucose, weight, oximetry, digitally stored and/or transmitted by the patient and/or caregiver to the Call Center qualified Healthcare professionals.
  • Medical alerts when patient measurements are out of thresholds.
  • Engagement alerts when patients do not adhere to program.
Business Intelligence Reports
General administration dashboard to dynamic business reporting:
  • Increasing accountability for population health and quality outcomes.
  • Productivity reports in healthcare providers.
  • Quality of services.
  • Population health adherence.
Doctor dashboard to dynamic reporting:
  • Alert distribution (Medical alerts and non-engagement alerts).
  • Total measurements that generated medical alert.
  • Total patients managed by doctor.
  • Medical alert distribution by time of day and week day.
  • Number of medical alerts per medical device.
  • And more.
The Platform
  • Maximum security, deployed in Microsoft Azure.
  • HIPPA and EU data protection law compliance.
  • Robust, high scalability and availability platform.
  • Continuous development with an established roadmap.
Services Profile
Administrator portal
Create different service structures and call center agent groups to manage patients. Obtain dynamic reporting with mHealthAlert Business Intelligence tool. Qlick screen
Doctor portal
  • Register patients.
  • Assign medical devices according to patient pathologies.
  • Set thresholds for each medical device to generate medical alert when measurements are out of thresholds.
  • Set time frames for each medical device to generate non-engagement alert when a measurement is not taken as scheduled.
  • Set reminders for medication adherence.
Call Center agent portal
  • Assign medical devices to patients according to their pathologies.
  • Set thresholds for each medical device to generate medical alert when measurements are out of thresholds.
  • Set time frames for each medical device to generate non-engagement alert when a measurement is not taken as scheduled.
  • Receive patient’s medical alerts when measurements are out of thresholds.
  • Treat the alert according to the established protocol by the patient's doctor.
Patient portal
  • Access via web, IOS and Android to engage patients in self-care and population health.
  • Take measurements (Glucose, blood pressure, weight) and input in the app by hand.
  • Link telemedicine devices by Bluetooth with the app and take measurements automatically (Glucose, blood pressure, weight).
  • Set and receive reminders for medication adherence, measurements and others.
  • Measures patient engagement.
Caregiver portal
  • Caregiver functionality for dependent people like child or elderly.
  • Receive medical and non-engagement alerts.
  • Manage all patient's information.
How It Works

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