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Our app provides total patient care connecting real-time data to medical professionals/caregivers and enables
remote interactivity and monitoring

mHealthAlert - Mobile app and Desktop platform
mHealthAlert - Mobile app and Desktop platform - Be connected at all times

Be Connected at all times

Caregiver Mobile App (for child and/or senior) is the easiest way to stay connected and receive up-to-the-minute read outs and alerts from the Child and/or Senior to their caregiver.

First download the app on your child or senior’s mobile phone and on the same phone register yourself as their Caregiver.

Then, download your own Caregiver App on your mobile phone and start receiving patient's data in real time.

Data will synchronize between both devices in minutes.

No complicated configurations or tech ability required - simple.

Meal Planner

Our Meal Planner automatically generates a 7 day balanced Meal Plan developed by leading medical researchers in cardiology and nutrition.

It can be personalized for common health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

Meal Planner automatically generates a 7 day balanced Meal Plan
mHealthAlert - activity tracking devices

Activity Tracking

You’ll be able to track your progress and see how your physical activity and weight reduction affects your blood pressure and weight.

You can select your tracking device and link it effortlessly with myDiabeticAlert mobile app, to measure the amount of calories consumed per day.

The collected data is consolidated and integrated with the weight control management to deliver your personal meal plan to make you reach your weight target.

Medical Devices

Let mHealthAlert take the drudgery out of medical data collection.

Our app connects automatically (or manually) to all of your devices (scale, blood pressure, spirometer, EGC, glucose meter) and logs, stores and delivers data to whomever you choose.

Create a health history on the cloud to manage all of your health needs and have access to your vital statistics anytime, anywhere.

mHealthAlert - Medical devices - health history on the cloud
mHealthAlert - Medication - Control your daily insulin and medication intake.


Control your daily insulin and medication intake.

You could select and add types of insulin and other medications you regularly take, and enter the amount and the time of the day you take them like before or after every meal.

Medications and taking times will be stored in your history that could be shared with your Caregiver or doctor.

reminders logo Functionality only available from desktop

How personal for a patient to hear from someone they love that it is time to take their medication, recorded in that person’s own voice. This feature enhances the caring for the patient with mild cognitive impairment or anxiety.

Set reminders to take medication, keep appointments etc.; automate the process of reminding patients to keep to their medical schedules.

This creates a sense of independence for the patient, and well-being to their loved ones.

Scheduled reminders delivery times will be sent to the patient’s Smartphone as a voice and written message.


mHealthAlert - data-sharing

Caregivers and healthcare providers are often the front line of defense against disease in the child, elderly and chronically ill patient.

Sharing medical data with these people not only gives them comfort, but allows them to care for the patient remotely when they cannot be right by their side, increasing the consistency that they are able to help a patient monitor their vital functions.

Sharing aggregated medical data (glucose, blood pressure, weight, activity tracking, etc.) provides a more accurate record of health and creates better treatment options for the patient in managing their disease.


mHealthAlert - alerts services

Some Patients require action to be taken in real-time. No longer do caregivers have to depend on the cognitive functionality of the patient. Let’s face it, when your health is compromised, sometimes your cognitive ability to recognize blood pressure readings is compromised as well. The app “Alerts Settings” lets you set individual measurements thresholds and non-engagement alerts which will be delivered to you and or your caregiver.

Medical alerts. Generated when a measurement value is out of thresholds configured by the patient or caregiver.

Non-engagement alerts. Generated when a measurement from the Patient is NOT registered in the platform within the time schedule indicated.

Now patients can be reminded of actions that they need to take, or their loved ones can be alerted as to diminished capacity (physically or cognitively) of the patient.


Patients have access to their Electronic Health Record at any time. Historic reporting of glucose levels and other biometric measurements like blood pressure and weight, Medication taken, Medical Alerts and Non-Engagement alerts.

Patient´s historical data can be filtered by several parameters like time periods (initial and end dates), medical device, activity tracking devices, medicament and more.

mHealthAlert - Patients have access to their Electronic Health Record at any time.
mHealthAlert - social networks

The Community

Get support when you need it. You’re not alone

Keeping the right weight and especially losing weight takes time and motivation is key. It is critically important to be inspired, energized and focused. Also important is to have a support system to get you right back on track, should you give in to temptation. We have a variety of ways to connect you to networks of loved ones, and other supportive communities, to keep you motivated.

Our community of online members of mHealthAlert is going through the same process you are. Finding a forum to learn and discuss the principles we will teach you about changing habits and positive reinforcement, will assist you in your learning, and help break the bad habits that have contributed to your weight gain and health problems.

For the first time, harness the power of technology and interactivity, the motivation and support from social network communities, the knowledge of leading medical researchers and get them all working for you!


You know what you like, and your healthcare team knows what you need. Staying connected to your coach or doctor, while you make progress towards your goals gives you complete accountability in between visits. No more excuses when it comes to “Following Doctor’s Orders!” You will know, that they will know if you are keeping yourself healthy.

Our app automatically provides you research-based meal and activity plans that take all the decision-making out of the process, and then teaches you how to make healthy choices for yourself, all while keeping you motivated because you know that people are watching out for you. Knowing they are there, keeps you on target to reach your goals.

mHealthAlert - interactivity