Proven ROI through better adherence and transparency

mHealthAlert platform provides monitoring services and healthy living programs, to reduce hospital readmissions and improve the quality of life of the patients.

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Positive ROI

In COPD, reducing readmission by 69%. Project conducted with Torrejon Hospital, Sanitas/BUPA Group, Madrid, Spain.


We provide you with a state of the art solution to manage patients remotely.

With our sophisticated reporting tools, we give you the right key figures to achieve better results with less cost.

Quality of services

Delivering real-time, medical expertise and supervision to each patient 24/7, thereby improving the quality of managed care and patient health outcomes.

  • Notifications and alerts are customizable and delivered to patient and caregiver, increasing adherence to medical protocols and prescribed regimens.
  • Healthcare providers and caregivers notified if patient data indicates need for intervention.
  • Provides for quality, supervised managed care from the preferred patient independent living environment, rather than hospital.
  • Improved health monitoring from home direct to healthcare provider - reducing medical office/home visits.

Patient engagement

Highly structured, motivational interactivity designed to provide positive behavior support and feedback in real time.

  • Alerts and notifications delivered in real-time.
  • Motivational messages provided as positive behavior support.
  • Data analysis relative to how behavior impacts health.
  • Easy-to-use, automatic, integrated data entry from multiple connected devices.